Digital Xray


Radiographs (X-Rays) are extremely helpful for diagnosing medical and surgical problems.  These problems can range from tumors, benign growths, foreign bodies (especially in the stomach or intestine), cancer, orthopedic problems including fractures, hip dysplasia, arthritis, urinary problems such as bladder stones, gastrointestinal problems, and heart and lung disease.

Digital radiology (X-Ray) is a new technology that produces better diagnostic images than the traditional film and plate radiographs.  Digital X-Ray benefits you, Your Pal, and the environment.  Fewer X-rays are needed, thus exposure to radiation is greatly reduced for Your Pal and our staff.   Fewer X-rays and no time for film development means less time that Your Pal remains on the X-ray table.  Less time means less stress for Your Pal!  There are no chemicals needed to develop the X-ray film, and thus no toxic chemicals will be disposed of that could be harmful to our staff and the environment. No X-ray storage since all digital images are stored on a computer.  No X-ray films, so less waste with digital X-rays.

Using our Vet-Ray Digital X-Ray means less radiation exposure for Your Pal and rapid diagnostic capabilities. These studies in most cases can be reviewed within seconds of being taken.  Not only will it save you time, but is also crucial in emergency situations allowing our staff to begin Your Pal's medical care more rapidly.  Our veterinarians interpret the study and explain to you their findings. This will help you understand the diagnosis and the treatment plan.  The study is always interpreted by our staff board certified radiologist, you will receive a copy of the report and also given a CD containing Your Pal's X-Ray study.  You can view this CD on your own computer at home. Many of our clients have remarked how interesting it is to be able to do this at home and to share this with their family and friends. There is no charge for these additional services.  At Your Pals Pet Hospital we feel that your understanding of Your Pal's treatment plan is very important and believe that this will benefit you and Your Pal.


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  • "We really miss Zoey. She was loved so much and it's hard coming home and not seeing her wagging tail greeting you everyday. We want to thank Dr. Franklin and her staff at "Your Pals" Pet Hospital for showing so much compassion and love for our Zoey to the very end. We will never forget your kindness and look forward to seeing you again if another dog comes into our lives."
    Kim F.
  • "With three senior mini dachshunds, it is a must to have an outstanding and caring vet at the ready. We could not be more pleased over the last several years to trust their care to Dr. Bonnie Franklin at Your Pals Pet Hospital. With her depth of understanding and excellent credentials, we know we are getting the best care possible for them! Thanks, Dr. Bonnie!"
    Karen T.